Alternative Ways to Lower Blood Pressure that Work

As someone with a family history of high blood pressure, aging has had some challenges as I try to get that accomplished gracefully without too much trouble from my blood pressure. Managing that health issue has become one of the biggest reasons for my pursuit of alternative health. Especially as my blood pressure increased after the birth of my 4th child.

The intense headaches a few days after my daughter’s birth were blinding. That more emergent circumstance, once under control did improve, however my blood pressure stayed elevated for months after. Only until I put a few alternative ways of lowering blood pressure into action, did some real and lasting results occur. Alternative ways to lower blood pressure can be a combined effort from a few different sources


I won’t forget the first time I exercised for a 30 minute time span. It rendered me an improved blood pressure later that day. I was implementing rope jumping as part of a weekly routine for helping me get my pressure down. I’d have to say that exercise in this way was the most noticeable way of decreasing blood pressure that I used, with the quickest results.

Weight Loss

Once I made a routine of regular exercise, it certainly wasn’t long for my excess weight to come off. It took me about 2 months to lose 22 lbs. It was a great feeling to accomplish the weight loss, not only for the help it gave me from those blinding high blood pressure headaches but for how much better I felt about the way I looked and fit into clothes.


Without the help of some great nutrition from juicing fresh veggies and fruits as a meal replacement I couldn’t have been as effective losing weight and keeping it off for the long term. Juicing is a great way for me to stay vibrantly healthy even today after my blood pressure problem has been long gone. I use this food in place of empty carbohydrates for valuable nutrition that maintains healthy weight, and therefore healthy blood pressure.

Herbs and Nutritional Oils

Herbs for lowering blood pressure like Valerian for it’s ability to calm the nerves and soothe, or Hawthorne with its ability to dilate blood vessels. These herbs were a big help to me especially right after the birth of my 4th child, when my blood pressure spiked. Kø is a great website where my husband and I order natural products for impotency, hypertension and other disorders.

Nutritional oils like flax, olive, canola and other types of whole unprocessed oils will assist the blood vessels in maintaining moisture and suppleness. Often the hardened characteristic that accompanies our blood vessels with age can be prevented with these foods. These foods are also becoming more noted for this benefit more recently as stated by a friend of mine that owns his own retail health food store in my local area. His clients are being told by their more nutritionally minded doctors to implement these oils routinely to avoid hardened arteries.