Foods to Lower Cholesterol

Keeping healthy cholesterol numbers starts with diet and exercise habits. Foods to lower cholesterol are a great addition to the dietary habits because it will lower the back cholesterol while encouraging good cholesterol to increase. Several foods to lower cholesterol are available for any preferred taste.

High Fiber Foods

Foods to lower cholesterol must include high fiber options. Oatmeal and oat bran are excellent high fiber foods to lower cholesterol, but any whole grain food item is appropriate. High fiber foods to lower cholesterol also include vegetables and fruits, but the best options will vary based on preferred tastes.

Adding a bowl of oatmeal to breakfast and including whole grain bread throughout the day will have a dramatic impact on cholesterol levels. The high fiber content helps reduce cholesterol and limits fat intake.


The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish are ideal for improving cholesterol numbers. Foods to lower cholesterol should focus on including fish at least twice a week for the best results. Any fish is appropriate, but fatty options like salmon and tuna are the best choice to get a high level of omega-3 fatty acids.

Although fish have a high fat content, the type of fat helps reduce bad cholesterol numbers while increasing the good numbers. When the diet plan includes foods to lower cholesterol, fish is an important addition to the weekly meals.


Snack foods to lower cholesterol should always include nuts. Although nuts are high in calories, a small handful each day can reduce bad cholesterol and provide better protection to the heart. Nuts are the best snack foods to lower cholesterol because the high protein content helps stave off hunger and the polyunsaturated fats are healthy for the heart.

While any type of nut is appropriate for a snack, it is best to avoid salted or sugar-coated options. The salt and sugar can reduce the impact on cholesterol numbers because too much is bad for the heart. Foods to lower cholesterol should always limit salt intake to have the best impact.


Beans and lentils are a great substitute for meat due to the high protein content, but it is also an appropriate option when trying to reduce cholesterol. Foods to lower cholesterol can include any type of bean or legume because the high fiber content helps improve the numbers.

Beans also provide high protein content, which is important for good muscle and heart health. The heart is ultimately a muscle, so it needs protein to strengthen. Beans provide enough protein and fiber to lower cholesterol numbers and encourage better heart health.

Eating a healthy diet is a key part of keeping cholesterol numbers low. The best foods will include nuts, whole grains, beans, fruits, vegetables and fish. When the cholesterol levels are under control, the body will become healthier.