Heartburn Home Remedies

There are myriad heartburn home remedies that people use to quench the fire. Sometimes heartburn home remedies are needed due to overindulgence. Sometimes it seems as if the burn is just passed down from one family member to the next. It is imperative to see a doctor for chronic heartburn to rule out serious health conditions such as ulcers, structural issues with the esophagus and esophageal cancer.


Of all the heartburn home remedies, water is at the top of the list. The trick is to avoid juices and sodas as well as coffee and tea. Various ingredients of our daily drinks, especially caffeine, are known heartburn triggers. Opting for water at meals and drinking copious amounts throughout the day has helped many, keeping it at the top of the list for heartburn home remedies.


Many are convinced that real honey is the best of the heartburn home remedies. This may be due to the antibacterial properties of honey. Helicobacter pylori is a bacteria that can exist in the gut and get out of control. It can cause different disease conditions requiring someone to seek out heartburn home remedies for relief.

The problem with honey is that finding one jar of natural honey that works well may not work at all on the second jar from the same bees. This is because honey is harvested at different seasons, and bees are constantly seeking nectar from various flowers to make the honey. Try several types and brands. Store bought honey can be a mix of honey from different providers and hives. Try buying honey from a local beekeeper. If one works, buy enough to last for a while. Honey can be stored indefinitely for everything from cooking or to be used as one of the heartburn home remedies.

Baking Soda

That little box of baking soda has lots of uses. Today we use it in baking and to freshen the fridge. It has been used to make everything from a scrubbing paste to toothpaste and even used as one of the very effective heartburn home remedies. The soda is alkaline and absorbs stomach acid. It should not be used for chronic heartburn.


Good old apple cider vinegar seems to follow the homeopathic route of “like treating like.” That is, vinegar is acidic and will help control heartburn, keeping it on the list of popular heartburn home remedies. It is speculated that vinegar kills bacteria that aggravates heartburn. It also may indicate to the body that enough acid is present and to stop pumping out stomach acid.

There are other heartburn home remedies, but the top one of all is to eat less and eat better food choices. Unfortunately, it is the toughest one to do on a daily basis. When heartburn strikes, maybe one of these home remedies will work to ease the burn for you.